How We Met

Instead of going in to great detail of how we first met and how the relationship got started I am going to share two short stories. One he wrote and the other, I wrote. It tells a little bit of how it started and will show you a little bit about ourselves, our personalities and... Continue Reading →

A Little Life Update has been awhile. Please forgive the lack of posts and updates. Some of you might be wondering what happened in my sabbatical (ALOT) so today I plan to update you. So here goes.....In short, since I last posted, I have....gotten engaged, married, turned 21, and am now currently expecting our first baby. Yes, yes... Continue Reading →

God’s Plan For My Life

Hey gals...! 🙂 It's been awhile. I know in one of my previous posts "My Journey", I touched briefly on my future plans but I thought for all those people out there asking, "Why Midwifery?", I would answer you here! For all of my childhood days I wondered what my occupation would be. Would I be... Continue Reading →

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