Faith Makes Things Possible, Not Easy

Hello all of my faithful readers! Well, I am at college and I can’t believe I actually have a little time to write. I wish that I had more time over the next month or so but you will probably not hear from me again until November sometime.

       Wow, so where to begin. This journey has been amazing, terrifying, sad and eye opening. I would do it all over again if I could. I have become closer to God now more than ever.

When first arriving, I had to take my dad and uncle to the airport. I cried for awhile knowing that I was letting them go 30+ hours away from me and they were my last tie to home. I went back to the hotel and had a break down. I wondered, “What had I done?, Why did I do this to myself and my family?, Why?”.  After calming down a little I turned on the TV to watch a preacher. Dr. Charles Stanley was on. While listening I read a note from my aunt. Wow does God work in mysterious and awesome ways. In my aunts note she wrote Joshua 1:9  and said “God is with you wherever you may go. He will NEVER  leave you nor forsake you.” As soon as I got done reading that, Charles Stanley said “When doing Gods will, we should not be afraid or feel alone.” Then…..he read Joshua 1:9.

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD they God is with you withersoever thou goest.” 

Joshua 1:9

Jesus loves me, cares for me and will keep me. God spoke to me through my aunt and Dr, Charles Stanley. I felt an immediate peace come over me. God told me to come, THAT is why I am here, that why I had done this to myself and my family, that is why! I was overwhelmed by His love for me and his plan for me. 

After the first day of college I knew I was in His will and that He will direct my paths and keep me no matter where I am. This reassurance made the homesickness, tiredness, effort, and hardships better and very much so worth it. I love studying, love this work that I am in and I am so excited for the future. God placed me here to be a witness, to be a light in the dark, and to shine His light unto the world. I am his servant, His girl and He is MY God. I would not be here, in this place without Him. My GOD is an awesome God. 

If you are wondering if you are in Gods will remember this: If you are loving Him you are acknowledging Him and if you are acknowledging Him, He is directing your paths.” -Daddy 

My sweet daddy wrote that for me and I was blessed and reassured by it. 

Please pray for me while I am on this journey of midwifery. This semester is intense and I will need all the prayer I can get. Thank you all and I love you! 

” I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Philippians 4:13                    

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