God’s Plan For My Life

Hey gals…! 🙂 It’s been awhile. I know in one of my previous posts “My Journey“, I touched briefly on my future plans but I thought for all those people out there asking, “Why Midwifery?”, I would answer you here!

For all of my childhood days I wondered what my occupation would be. Would I be a nurse, dental assistant, hair dresser (what I wanted to do then), doctor, or just a mommy (I really would love that) ? I didn’t know if I wanted to go to college or just get a job and save money until I met Mr. Right. I may not have known what I wanted to do with my life, but I definitely wanted what God wanted for me. As I grew, my love grew for children, but especially babies. I thought maybe I would become a nanny or babysitter but as time went on I knew that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or what God wanted me to do. I asked God to show me in due time what He wanted me to do so I could prepare as necessary. As a sophomore in high school, suddenly out of nowhere, midwifery popped in my mind.One day I said, “I think I want to be a midwife.” Let me tell you folks, it wasn’t out of nowhere, God himself told me he wanted me to become a midwife. And let me say, I was more than okay with that, I was ecstatic. I was looking up schools for nursing and midwifery etc. and I came across the word DOULA. What is that you ask? It is a Professional Labor Supporter. The doula will help the mother physically (from the waste up ;)), mentally and spiritually.  It was intriguing and I thought I would look into it. As I was talking to midwives they said the best way to start out as a student midwife was take a doula course. I did some research and began my doula journey through McDoula Professional Doula Certification.  Now to the previous year (2015) I began to search out the best midwifery school. I came across a college that looked very interesting and fun. (I will not be naming the school as this a public blog and I do not wish to give this information out.)   Come to find out, I had found it three years before and didn’t remember I wrote it down. The very next week a midwife mentioned this college to me! Isn’t God awesome? I also found out that the midwife that I was working with helps this school out with applications and scholarships. I was beyond excited and I applied right away. In March of 2016 I was accepted.

I now know what my occupation will one day (very soon) be! There are so few midwives today, and there is a need for them. But in foreign countries the need is greater. Will God send me away to be a missionary one day? I believe so, but it may not be even out of the country, it could just be right here in my town as a christian midwife. God has worked so much out. He has calmed my fears, helped me financially and given me a peace that this is His will for my life.

“But the midwives feared God…..”  Exodus1:17

 As I will be leaving this fall to begin my midwifery calling which I am so excited about, I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Blessings to all!

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