My Journey

I was inspired to write this blog to uplift young women in the trials and hardships that we face in this day and age but I have had a change of heart. While I will still be writing encouraging posts I have also decided that I will tell you about my journey through this thing we call life!

My journey started when I was born, but I won’t tell you my whole life story, for that would take a very long time. So I will begin with the present!

 For as long as I know I have LOVED little children, especially babies! I did not know what I wanted to do with my life (besides getting married and having children of my own) but I knew that I wanted it to have something to do with babies. The Lord showed me about 4 years ago, maybe longer. I wanted to be a midwife. I knew they were not that popular but I knew this was Gods calling for my life! But the devil crept in my life without me knowing. As I was trying to pursue Gods will for my life the devil came in and tried to deter me. And let me tell you the devil will try to get you out of Gods will fast!! He knows your weaknesses and will try to destroy you. About a year ago I was going under fast, and I didn’t know it until one day my eyes were opened! I was falling in Satan’s pit!! Lord, what was I thinking?? It all gradually happened, in a span of a couple of years. Satan will pull you under slowly, very slowly so you don’t know you are there until you are very deep and its hard to get out. BUT you can!! With God and a few others help, I was able to get out of this pit gasping for air but alive! Have you been there before? I defeated Satan. He didn’t destroy my life, he tried but he didn’t! So I moved with Gods plan for me. 

As of right now I am in process of completing my doula (I know, you have probably never heard of it!) certification. A doula is a labor and delivery coach. They are there to help you make informed decision and to make sure that your wishes are up held,  help you to understand risks and benefits, act as an advocate for you with the hospital staff, help mom physically and emotionally through labor and help her establish breastfeeding. While this has been a very long journey I am still not discouraged and will complete the course this fall. People will say that the doula journey is an easy path to take, but it has its challenges. It is hard to get yourself  out there and trusted by mothers an families. Your clients have to find YOU and this has been the challenge. But God has been there with me and helped me. A very known midwife came to me and asked me to help her over the next couple of months! I am ecstatic! I will be able to get my doula births in, along with my two beginning births for my midwifery course.

  I am super excited to say that I have been accepted into a midwifery college this fall!! It will be a very long an trying journey but I am excited! So as I begin this journey please pray for me to have strength and peace!

Posted originally on 4/11/16

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