Writing Letters to Your Future Husband

We probably have all heard about this idea from one person or another. And we all thought it was really cool right?? I thought I came up with the idea until I found out I wasn’t the only one writing letters to my future husband! When I first thought about it I thought writing letters would be really cool and that way we could look back and tell each other how old we were then and answer our question we had then. I started writing innocent little letters not getting real deep into topics just talking about life in general. Two years later guess what? I talk about my relationship with the Lord, what is going on in my life spiritually, physically, and mentally! It is like my future hubby already is my best friend. You may ask, “Well what if you or I don’t get married?” Well I have also thought of that. You know if God plans on me having a single life I will learn to trust in Him and have peace in knowing it is His will. Those letters will be fun for me and God to look back over and see how I have grown in HIM!! I mean how cool is that? And let me tell you, I have grown, in the Lord! I have a new found relationship with Him! So lets just say that writing letters wasn’t a waste of time, even if no one ever reads them.

So why not start writing to your future husband? Here are some things you can include in your letters. 

  • The date- Don’t forget the date!! You will always want to look back and see what time period you were talking about.
  • Tell him what you are doing with your life right then- Whether you’re still in high school and doing sports, church activity, or you are in college planning for your life.
  • Let him know some of your hopes for your future-Are you wanting to be a doctor or a missionary? Tell him stuff like that. Later on you can see if you are living your dream or maybe you changed your mind.
  • Be creative!!- Let it be a letter personally from you. He will love it later on. Don’t copy anyone’s style or their exact words! You can do it!

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Young or old. Let your letters focus on life. Don’t get too caught up in plans with him or your hopes and dreams. Guard your heart.

Last of all; do not get all goo goo and let marriage and your future husband be your idol for the rest of your life until you get married. That is not my goal here. It can be a problem. When you take your focus off God, life will go down heel from there. Stay focused on Him and he will let your future husband come into your life at the right time. Have fun in the meantime and enjoy single life!

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