Modesty- Who Are You Affecting??

Modesty is one of the biggest struggles for young christian girls. Modesty isn’t about covering everything but your eyes, I do not think that that is how God meant we should dress. Do you struggle with it?? Do you feel like you never can find modest but stylish wear? My sisters and I always joke around about going (choir) robe shopping. Why not?? You are covered from head to toe. Haha You should be able to dress modestly but CUTE! Modesty isn’t just about making sure all the certain parts are covered and if they are then your good. You are not showing anything right?? NOOO! That is not modesty. Always ask yourself:

1. Is this article of clothing too short? Or this shirt too revealing?

2. Is this form fitting? Can you see every curve of my body?

3.Will this cause a guy to look somewhere he shouldn’t?

4.Will this cause another christian girl or woman to stumble in her walk with God?

And finally….

5. When I have a son, would I want my son looking at a girl dressed like this?

You know, women think men are so gross because of stuff they do or look at. Well girls, for a man it is a natural thing for them to want look. Weird huh? God made them differently than us for a reason. So they like or think different things than we do. . It is true. Some fall and have no restraint to look away, others will have the restraint sometime but it is hard for men. And WE as young women do not want to be a stumbling block for the boys.Think about your future husband: What if he was looking at a girl because she was dressed inappropriately. You are thinking, “How dare she?” She is making my man stumble and struggle. Well, guess what? Have you ever thought that you ALSO may be making someones future husband stumble as well? Next time think about it.

You know? If you question an outfit but you really love it, ASK DAD or HUSBAND! He is a male and knows how men think. So if he says it is ok, then you are probably good. Occasionally you may still feel it is not modest enough. Most of the time he will tell you what he thinks and if you should change or not. But if he says no, I would heed to his advice. I always used to run to my parents room to ask my daddy what he thought, now I go to my husband. Usually he will give me his opinion and let me decide. Single ladies, it also builds your relationship with your dad. Try it! 😉

We also don’t just make men fall. We can have an influence on women too.  If someone looks up to you, (they don’t have to be younger) they are going to question things. They may say “Well if she wears it, it must be ok”. They may also think it is immodest and lose their respect for you.

So next time you put something on, think of everyone, not just yourself!!

Here are a few links to shops with modest dresses ect.:,

Not everything on these websites do I think is modest but most of them have cute and modest clothes. 

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